The moment I saw the consultancy cycle, I realised exactly where I’d gone wrong

One participant on Accelerate shared a fantastic story recently. We’d got to the part of the course where we discuss the consultancy cycle. It shows you the seven phases for interacting with internal clients. Most of us – without realising it – tend to dive straight in at phase five – the ‘generating options’ stage. But skipping the four stages […]

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Infographics – Thinking in pictures

It is crucial to communicate facts and figures in a simple, digestible format.   We have always been keen advocates of well-designed infographics. Dull, complicated data suddenly becomes engaging. The use of simple visuals gives the audience some hope of making sense of the information. People will retain information in a much better way than […]

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Calling All Video Virgins

Have you ever tried to shoot a video yourself? Once upon a time (back when I worked in-house) I needed some video for my intranet.

So I got all the kit together, won some time with leadership and spent a couple of days interviewing them one-by-one. It went great! Only kidding – it was a disaster…

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They switched for the journey

Once upon a time Seth Godin joined a small, struggling software company. His job was to turn science fiction novels into computer games. He was given an aggressive deadline. But what he wasn’t given was enough programmers. Nobody cared about his project. He desperately needed help. The answer? Internal communication.

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The Batcave fantasy

Do you have many engineers in your company? My friend runs internal comms at a high-tech company. Software engineers are 30% of her audience. These guys (they’re virtually all men) are highly intelligent, highly paid – and highly unlikely to ever listen to a word that she says. Why? They don’t value communication. Year after […]

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Rise in ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) points the way to the future of employee working habits

  After conducting industry-wide research last year (, we have found that more and more companies are accepting ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) as commonplace in the modern working world. 38% of those surveyed for the report said that BYOD is now an acceptable business practice. More than that, two-thirds of all respondents said that […]

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