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The 2016 State of the Sector results are in!

Now in its eighth year, State of the Sector is the definitive survey of the internal communication and employee engagement landscape, informed by responses from thousands of leading practitioners around the world. With a focus on all things IC – including careers, budgets and working practices – you’ll gain a real insight into what’s working inside […]

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Take our State of the Sector survey

Today we’re launching our annual State of the Sector report. You can use State of the Sector to give you a real insight into what’s working in other organisations – including careers, budgets and working practices. In the eight years since we began publishing it, it’s become the most important annual survey of the internal […]

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A woman’s boss had a strange idea to improve his business. One day, he handed her a huge jug and asked her to go around Southern California “collecting water” from a list of specific companies. He’d read in one of his spiritual books that if you pour water from other businesses onto your business, their success […]

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Final call for Accelerate in May

When Steve Jobs took over at Apple in 1997, one of the first things he did was get rid of the Apple museum in the foyer. The firm was struggling, and Jobs felt that it was too focused on its past. It’s like this in internal comms: we have to let go of the past […]

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