How to Measure Your Writing

Writing is seen as an art. Something subjective that you feel, but can’t really measure. Turns out, that’s not necessarily true. In Tim Ferriss’s book The 4 Hour Body, he features the case study of Phil Libin. Phil wanted to lose weight, but he’d failed at both dieting and exercise on and off for years. […]

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Your First 100 Days

When you’re promoted to a bigger role, you need a big plan to go with it. And you need to deliver results fast. To help, we put together a little guide called: “Your First 100 Days in a New Internal Comms Role.”

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Reading: Just Enough to be Dangerous

Investor Mark Cuban says that when he started his first company, he was scared of visiting customers because he was afraid of being shown up. He was nervous that people would know much more about the industry than him. So before every meeting, he’d cram as much as possible on the topics of the day. […]

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To grok

At General Electric, Jack Welch liked people to know where they were going. A lot of leaders say that. But there’s a part in Jack’s book that shows how much communicating GE’s strategy meant to him: Your direction has to be so vivid that if you randomly woke one of your employees in the middle of the night and […]

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When you glance at your watch, does the second hand ever seem stuck? It’s a phenomenon called chronostasis, when things appear frozen when you first look at them. I think the same thing can happen in organisations.

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All you have to do is listen

The copywriter Eugene Schwartz once said: “You don’t have to have great ideas if you can hear great ideas.” He tells the story of a copywriting job he once had. He met up with his client and got him talking about the product. The client ended up talking for several hours while Schwartz sat back […]

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