Business conference and public speaking concept

Stories: the Secret to Successful Speaking

Public speaking is the #1 fear. No kidding. One of the worst experiences of my life was when I first stood up to speak in front of 200 people. I corpsed, to use the technical term. This happened 10 years ago at a magazine industry conference. The organiser had casually invited me to speak, and I’d casually […]

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Conversations at 1 kHz

When you’re in a bar or club with loud rock playing, you have to scream to be heard. That’s because in rock music, most of the energy is right around 1 kHz – exactly the frequency where speech lies. Hip-hop, by contrast, puts most of its energy above and below the mid-range. So when when […]

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3 Free Stories to Lead and Inspire

Picture the moment your writing lands in front of your reader. Usually, you’re competing with every distraction under the sun: emails, phone calls, the 40 other tabs in Chrome. How do you cut through? Simple – take your message and tie it to a story. I collect stories that I can use to explain things. […]

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Use This Simple Story to Motivate People

In 2003, three students started a video games company. They made game after game, hoping that one would be successful. Six years later they’d produced 51 titles. None of them were hits. For their 52nd game, they decided to make a simple puzzle physics game called Angry Birds. Today their company – Rovio Entertainment – […]

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