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Volume 12 of the Journal of Internal Communications is here!

Sign up online to download you copy of the latest the Journal of Internal Communication: www.gatehouse.co.uk/signup. This issue is our 10-year anniversary special. It’s been an amazing journey for us over the past decade – growing our team and extending our capability to provide a full range of services, including Research & Evaluation, Strategy & […]


Why Enterprise Social Networks are all too often a channel for the sake of a channel

This week, we’re looking into a report by Simply Communicate on Enterprise Social Networks and what it means for IC professionals. A few months ago, Simply Communicate published their Social intranet Barometer, a comprehensive piece of research into the use of Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs), such as Sharepoint, Yammer and Jive, in the workplace. The […]


The Journal of Internal Communication Volume 11 is here!

There’s an old joke about two construction workers. They’re perched side by side on a girder, about to eat their lunch. One opens his lunchbox and cries out in frustration: “I can’t stand this! Cheese sandwiches – again! All I ever get are cheese sandwiches!” The other guy says: “Why don’t you ask your wife […]


The 2016 State of the Sector results are in!

Now in its eighth year, State of the Sector is the definitive survey of the internal communication and employee engagement landscape, informed by responses from thousands of leading practitioners around the world. With a focus on all things IC – including careers, budgets and working practices – you’ll gain a real insight into what’s working inside […]