The Hundred Club

A few years ago a relative worked for a big pub chain in the UK. This organisation had a scheme called the Hundred Club. You’d go into a pub and see bar staff wearing big green badges to show they were in the Hundred Club. What was the Hundred Club? The Hundred Club was a scheme […]

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Turn left to go right

On a motorbike, if you turn the handlebars left you actually go right.

I didn’t believe this at first. But I hopped on my Honda and it’s true. On a motorbike (and a bicycle when you’re going faster than walking speed) if you want to turn right, you have to turn the handlebars to the left. Ordinary, everyday tasks can surprise you when you study them closely…

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Throwback Thursday – Engagement Lessons from U2

Interesting to look back at this post Gatehouse co-founder Lee Smith posted five years ago – there were some nice engagement lessons from U2. For better or for worse the band is still on everyone’s lips today, so it’s still useful the next time you need a metaphor for employee engagement. Engagement lessons from Bono […]

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1 Degree

At 99 degrees Celsius, water fizzes and foams. It makes a great cup of tea – but it’s useless in a steam engine.

At 100 degrees Celsius you get steam trains powering up mountains, electric power plants and whirring turbines. The difference? 1 degree. It’s like that in internal comms…

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