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Final call for Accelerate in May

When Steve Jobs took over at Apple in 1997, one of the first things he did was get rid of the Apple museum in the foyer.

The firm was struggling, and Jobs felt that it was too focused on its past.

It’s like this in internal comms: we have to let go of the past to succeed.

One thing that many of us are trying to put behind us is the idea that internal communicators are soft and fluffy ‘people people’ – or postmen and women who merely pump out messages to the rank and file.

Many leaders still don’t give you the chance to influence the messages they want you to communicate. Instead they come to you and say: “I need to get this out”.

How do you get leaders to a place where there’s a genuine advisory relationship and mutual respect? How do you position yourself as the person who can help them shape the strategy and how they articulate it, not just broadcast the message?

One answer is to position yourself as a ‘trusted advisor’. David Maister coined this term years ago. He was talking about professional services firms – lawyers and accountants – but on Accelerate, the internal comms masterclass we deliver with the IoIC, we apply it to our profession.

If this sounds helpful, we’re taking bookings for our May course. Let us know if you’d like to come.

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