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First post

This is my very first post. Until today I was a blogging virgin. But no longer…

There’s so much talk about blogging in communication circles these days. The news of Robert Scoble’s (blog supremo) decision to quit Microsoft today has created a global media storm. This shows just how far blogs have come – they now have the power to create celebrity, build (and destroy) reputations and generate widespread news coverage. The potential is enormous and that’s precisely why anyone in the communication profession needs to roll up their sleeves and get involved. 

So today marks the start of my learning curve. I will no longer sit on the sidelines and merely observe the blogosphere. I will participate.

Frankly I’m gob-smacked at how quick, easy and cheap it is to set up a blog. Using Typepad it’s taken me less than two hours to set up this blog. Not bad for a beginner. Sure, the design is rather dull and there are no links and so on, but there’s plenty of time to perfect it. The important thing is that I’m up and running….

One Response to First post

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