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How to Get the Journal of Internal Communication for £5

joic3d_2“Knowledge is power” is one of the biggest myths of our time.

In large organisations educated, academically gifted people are routinely left behind.

You know why? It’s because today, rewards aren’t paid out for what you know – rewards are earned by what you do.

To succeed today you’ve got to be seen to add value. That’s why Gatehouse has created the Journal of Internal Communication.

Every quarter, the Journal of Internal Communication will help you make things happen in your corner of the world. It takes you ‘behind the scenes’ with communicators across the employee engagement business.

The aim is to give you new ideas or tactics you can deploy – and to inspire you to get serious about your own ‘big ideas’.

Go and subscribe to the Journal of Internal Communication.

The Journal of Internal Communication costs £20 per quarter – but you can get your first issue for just £5 with the coupon code JOICTRIAL

The Journal of Internal Communication qualifies as a professional subscription – we’ll send you a receipt so you can claim back the cost.

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