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Big Brother research?

I’ll admit it, I’ve been watching Big Brother. For those of you from another planet, BB is the reality TV show in which a bunch of strangers are locked in a house for months in pursuit of hard cash and celebrity. I used to be a staunch critic; now I’m a convert. It’s just so […]

Gunning for gobbledygook

I’ve been working on a strategy document for one of my clients today. This has basically involved taking the output from various workshops, meetings and discussions and translating it into something that will ultimately make sense to employees. Much as I champion the use of Plain English and abhor jargon and management-speak, I sometimes find […]

Come on England!

Come on England! After a rather dull first half, Crouch and Gerrard managed to deliver the goods with just minutes to spare. 2-0 against a battle-ready Trinidad & Tobago. So England are through to the final 16 of the World Cup. A hollow victory? Time will tell… for now let’s enjoy the feeling.

Reinvigorating the ICA

I’ve been talking to Stephen Windsor-Lewis this morning. Stephen is chair of the ICA, the internal comms arm of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). I’ve been on the ICA national committee for about four years and during that time we’ve done some fantastic, highly visible and groundbreaking stuff. But we’ve been a […]

First post

This is my very first post. Until today I was a blogging virgin. But no longer… There’s so much talk about blogging in communication circles these days. The news of Robert Scoble’s (blog supremo) decision to quit Microsoft today has created a global media storm. This shows just how far blogs have come – they […]