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Reinvigorating the ICA

I’ve been talking to Stephen Windsor-Lewis this morning. Stephen is chair of the ICA, the internal comms arm of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). I’ve been on the ICA national committee for about four years and during that time we’ve done some fantastic, highly visible and groundbreaking stuff.

But we’ve been a little quiet of late.

Our events programme has been limited and, with a finite amount of cash in the bank, we’ve struggled with to find the appropriate level of admin support to turn our ideas into reality. This is always a risk when an organisation is made up of busy professionals who, no matter how committed they are to the cause, have day jobs to focus on.

But it’s time to reinvigorate the ICA.

With the support of the CIPR we’re close to cracking our admin issue and an exciting programme of activity is just around the corner.

We’re also looking to add new blood to the committee, expanding it and moving towards a more ‘federal’ structure with small groups taking responsibility for specific areas like events, research and education.

The ICA, alongside Communicators in Business (CiB) and the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), has raised the bar for internal communicators in the UK and helped make our fledgling profession what it is today. We’re committed to continuing with this mission.

If you’re interested in getting involved drop me a line…. and do let me know if you’ve got any great ideas for events or research.

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