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Ajoic3d_2-300x225 woman’s boss had a strange idea to improve his business.

One day, he handed her a huge jug and asked her to go around Southern California “collecting water” from a list of specific companies.

He’d read in one of his spiritual books that if you pour water from other businesses onto your business, their success will be absorbed into your company.

Crazy. He wanted her to go to the front desk of each company and request some water from a water fountain. (She was not to collect the water herself.)

She explained to her boss how much driving this would take. She suggested that it would take two or three days to get the water collecting done.

Her boss agreed, so she spent the next three days by her pool and just filled up the jug in her bathtub. Her boss was over the moon.

People have all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas to improve their businesses.

That’s why we publish the Journal of Internal Communication – to bring you the best, most actionable ideas to improve your comms.

Hope you enjoy the issue. If you still haven’t subscribed, what are you waiting for? I don’t mean that as a lazy idiom – literally what are you waiting for? We’ll send you a free print copy every time it’s published, as long as you meet certain criteria.

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